Прогулки по Амальфи, Позитано, Сорренто. Фотосессии.

Must see

Thank you for your interest in the best of what the Amalfi Coast has to offer. Here, you will find beautiful places to take photos and recommendations for what to visit along the coast.


Square in Atrani

In various places around Atrani you will see signs with abig Green arrow on themThey are directions for anescape road, in case of a flood. If you follow this road you will find a beautiful square in front of a church. It is signature view of Atrani. 


Elevator of Amalfi

 This location offers the best view ofAmalfi from above. From Atrani go to Amalfi by the road. While walking you will see a parking lot, “Luna Rossa”; nearby you’ll find a pedestrian tunnel. Go through this tunnel, at the end go to the right, you will see a gate to another tunnel. At the end of the second tunnel you will find the elevator. 


Amalfi's Beacon

For more breathtaking views at Amalfi’s Beacon follow these simple directions.From Amalfi's bus station keep following along the shore.Upon coming tothe end of a road you will see a huge seaport with private yachts and boats. You will see steps that lead up to a road with a sign that says, “Beacon at the End,” follow it to the top.

Castiglione Beach

Castiglione Beach

Beautiful place between two cliffs,  which you can find just after Square in Atrani. To get there you need to go little bit on a road forward, then you'll see entrance with steps. This steps to the beach. Be careful it's about 200 of them

Really good food


Le Palme in Atrani

Le Palme is a perfect, friendly restaurant just below the bus stop of Atrani. Every day they have fresh fish and seafood as well as yummypasta for everyone. 

Price range: 10-20€

Da Ciccio Cielo Mare Terra

Da Ciccio in Amalfi

Da Ciccio offers gourmet cuisine with unique recipes; it’s simply spectacular. The views are stunning. The food is first class. This restaurant islocated on a beautiful balcony 5 km from Amalfi. They have a free shuttle from Amalfi and back. We can help you book it. 

Price range: 16-30€


Da Teresa Amalfi

Da Teresa is a beautiful restaurant on the water. They have free water shuttle from Amalfi and back. Some of the best seafood and location you will find in the area. After lunch or dinner you can enjoy private beach as well. 

Price range: 12-25€


Best streetfood

Cuoppo di Amalfi is the best for take away. From the rear steps of St. Andrew's Cathedral, cross the road and go into small alley between houses. You will find this place little bit before Piazza Dodgi. Les then 30 seconds walking

Price range: 6-10€


Pizzeria Le Arcate

Truly the best pizza in Atrani. They also have an awesome view.  Take away pizza cost less as well!

Price range: 4-10€

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Not only Amalfi

If you want to know more you always can move around with public transport. Or rent scooter or the car. We remind you that you can download ferry timetables here, and bus timetables located here...

Wonder Woman in Ravello


To get here from Atrani you need to take a bus. It's on a bridge above the town. You can purchase bus tickets in shops with a “T” outside or any postcard shop.

  • Villa Ruffolo – beautiful flower garden
  • Villa Cimbrone – infinity terrace from Wonder Woman
  •  Trattoria da Cumpà Cosimo – Restauraunt


A quaint, small town only 2 miles from Atrani. You can get here by ferry, bus, or just hike from Ravello. It's not a hard hike, I promise!

  • Sal De Riso – Best, one of a kind pastry shop on the Amalfi coast
  • Villa Romana – Near previous place. Old Roman Villa. A lot of ancient artifacts.
Valico di Chiunzi

Valico di Chiunzi

A great place to see the sunset! If you have a car, you can find thisplace in any Maps app. Valico di Chiunzi is almost 3000 feet above the sea with gorgeous view of Mt. Vesuvius. 

  • Ristorante al Valico di Chiunzi –Place for locals. Best homemade mozzarella and pizza by far. Delicious and not expensive.

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